Retirement Plan Services

The Retirement Dilemma

  • Only 3 in 100 Americans have enough money to retire comfortably.
  • It is estimated you will need 8-10 times your ending salary to have enough money to retire.
  • Most Americans will need to replace 75% of their pre-retirement income in retirement. The typical household is on track to replace 58%.

Managing Your Fiduciary Responsibility

As the sponsor of a retirement plan you have taken on the responsibility to reach your retirement goals and to help your employees meet theirs. By providing your employees an avenue and a road map for retirement savings you will be helping foster long-term appreciation and goodwill, in addition to fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

By acting as co-fiduciary, we help guide plan sponsors through the requisite processes to build and monitor your plan. We provide plan-level education and tools to help your participants determine their tolerance and capacity for risk; decide how much they need to save; and how to best allocate their investments to help provide for their retirement.

We will help you using fiduciary processes that include:

  • Creating and monitoring a comprehensive investment policy statement that documents all of the processes and procedures that would be used to manage fund choices and model portfolios.
  • Analyzing and optimizing the fund selections and model portfolios to align the plan with the specific demographic needs of your plan participants.
  • Applying objective standards for evaluating and recommending appropriate investment options for the plan participants to select from.
  • Monitoring and reporting performance of your portfolio and its underlying investments on an ongoing basis and recommending changes when necessary.