Goals-Based Wealth Management

The Appropriate Balance approach – Goals-Based Wealth Management – is a process based on you.

We start by identifying and quantifying your goals and then developing a strategy to maximize the likelihood of realizing those goals.

It is important to take a holistic view of your family’s wealth. Assets, liabilities, and income streams all impact wealth and future lifestyle. We help you find an appropriate balance between the need to protect net worth and the desire to increase it.

You are likely accustomed to traditional asset allocation, which tends to combine all investments and make a single allocation consistent with an investor’s overall risk tolerance. This is often market oriented, composed primarily of exchange-traded assets, and its performance is judged by market benchmarks.

The way we do it at Appropriate Balance is different. Our Goals-Based Wealth Management approach is based on financial planning concepts. We employ traditional asset allocation but also take into account important life variables such as your earning potential (ability to generate income in the future), and the aspirations you have for your wealth.

Have you considered your investment priorities? It may seem most important to just “beat the market,” but is that really what you’re after? No one can control the markets or their volatility, and making goals wholly dependent on how markets perform, can be dangerous and disappointing. We believe that it makes more sense to focus on achieving your essential goals, with a high degree of certainty, and building your wealth from there.

What is your real objective? Aligning your investment strategy with the goals you and your family have can be much more satisfying. Our goals-based approach places the emphasis on achieving your financial goals, not simply beating the market. Consistent, competitive returns in line with those goals can – over time – make your goals more realistic and likely to be achieved.